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Developing Core Skills for Administrators & Secretaries "23-25/03/2022 / ₦180,000"
Project Management Fundamentals for Administrative Professionals "22-24/06/2022 / ₦ 180,000"
Knowledge Management Processes "9-11/06/2022/ ₦180,000"
Logistics Management & Effective Distribution Channel "6-8/07/2022 / ₦175,000"

Customer service excellence training course

Delivering Customer Service Excellence Training  Customer service excellence training course is designed to give participants the communication skills, negotiation strategies, and customer service best practices they require to take their organization from good to great.  This Customer Service training is aimed at those organizations who are looking to improve their customer focus and develop their […]

Effective Business writing training course

Effective Business Writing training course Managers seeking new staff consistently nominate the ability to communicate as an essential skill. In this interactive and practical Effective Business writing course, you will learn how to construct efficient and effective communications that get results. Most people write emails or letters on a daily basis as well as occasional […]

Best Assertiveness Training Program Course

Communicating with self-confidence and Assertiveness Training The Assertiveness Training course is the training that is designed for people who need to make decisions and stand by them while delivering excellence Communication with assertiveness, rather than passivity or aggression, is more likely to maintain positive workplace relationships while meeting their goals. Through video demonstrations, role-playing activities, […]

How contract management works

  How contract management works: This ensures that products are delivered as and when they are ordered. Managing the relationship: Involves strengthening the contact between vendor and purchaser to allow for improved communication throughout the process of contract management. Managing the contract: The ongoing administration that ensures the day-to-day procurement activities follow what is detailed […]


    CONTRACT MANAGEMENT TRAINING will reveal the best practices of contract management, which when applied effectively, can ensure project success, speed performance, and reduce risks and costs along the way. Discover the keys to contracting from your perspective in this practical course. Get an overview of all phases of contracting, from requirements development to close-out. […]


    Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Management. STRATEGIC PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT TRAINING COURSE will familiarize you with the international Procurement and Supply Chain Management standards in the business. The demand of expertise and professional Strategic Procurement Management personnel is increasing day by day, so what is your ranking today? It has now been established without […]

Resume BootCamp 2020

Get CVs that employers cannot refuse and negotiate with you for your desired pay Are you looking at changing your career? Do you desire to get the best job available out there without breaking a sweat? Do you need a six-figure salary raise this year? Do you believe you deserve more in your career than […]

Contract and Vendor management training- 20 Best

Contract and Vendor management training American Certification Institute ACI and International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute, USA is an instant passport to a rewarding career, worldwide. Get ACI/IPSCMI Certified and the world can be yours! Are you Ready? ACI/IPSCMI will familiarize you with the international standards in the business. The demand of expertise and […]