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Developing Core Skills for Administrators & Secretaries "23-25/03/2022 / ₦180,000"
Project Management Fundamentals for Administrative Professionals "22-24/06/2022 / ₦ 180,000"
Knowledge Management Processes "9-11/06/2022/ ₦180,000"
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Sales Teams Training in Nigeria

Sales Teams Training in Nigeria

Sales Teams Training: Two major factors characterize the customer’s buying journey: Sales Teams Training in Nigeria Customers are performing more upfront research and following an increasingly formalized process when exploring buying options. More stakeholders are involved, leading to elevated expectations. Simultaneously, customers are working under constraints as other priorities compete for their attention. Time is […]

Build Trust With Customers

How to Build Trust With Customers?

Do you want to Build Trust With Customers? Then you should follow our training course. Customers Selling occurs in the dialogue, person to person. The interaction may be face-to-face or over the phone, but a successful outcome is based on trust between seller and buyer. Therefore, salespeople must be at their very best, bringing value […]

Effective Sales Professionals

Best 10 characteristics Effective Sales Professionals

Effective Sales Professionals Here, we bring clarity to that challenge by isolating the top 10 characteristics of effective sales professionals. After more than 40 years of training some of the most ambitious sales teams, we have learned that these characteristics are essential to finding that last 10 percent. The most effective sales professionals: Follow a […]