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leadership training The Pregen leadership Masterclass rises above all leadership training seminars  based on pregenerative model of thinking and leading organizations. When leaders employ Pregenerative Thinking to achieve their mission, vision, values, guiding principles, strategy and tactics, the organization is injected with realistic, innovative guidelines. Leaders, teams and organizations cannot function at their peak when they think and execute perfunctorily.
YOU can transform a typical workplace into a pregenerative workplace. Learn how to use Pregenerative Thinking consistently, pregenerate your leadership skills and select the right people to help you achieve your mission. Develop leadership styles that inspire and empower others to commit to your vision. Learn how to make the most constructive decisions in any business situation and consistently achieve pregenerative results.
Identify what ‘the best’ means to you and your organization and employ optimal leadership skills and strategies with employees who are co-located and in remote locations to achieve what is most important. Employ the leadership styles that establish trust, resolve conflicts, build pregenerative relationships and determine solutions to maximize talent, processes, resources, opportunities, effectiveness and profits. Do it NOW!



In this leadership development Masterclass, you”ll:
understand the vital role of Pregenerative Thinking in leadership skills training optimization
recognize and resolve suboptimal efficiency and effectiveness
discover how the world’s most successful leaders employ Pregenerative Thinking
explore your ultimate vision, define your mission, and analyze your current reality
examine the nine critical competencies for Optimal leadership

complete the Optimal leadership skills analysis
optimize succession planning — a key to optimizing leadership
maximize strengths, opportunities and execution
minimize weaknesses, threats and regressive processes
develop the optimal strategy to maximize leadership skills and effectiveness
determine when to train, coach, participate and delegate
acquire four fail-safe ways to optimize your training, coaching and participation
learn how to establish trust, build optimal relationships and motivate employees to do their best
discover the leadership styles and most constructive techniques for resolving conflicts
learn how to best lead employees in remote locations
obtain a simple formula to optimize team performance and maximize employee retention
acquire two fail-safe ways to differentiate pregenerative performance from subpregenerative performance
identify three strategies to measure optimal performance and quantify your results
explore five simple steps to transform a typical workplace into a pregenerative workplace!


As an experienced leader, you will see the programme as a chance to reflect on your experience and re-energise both yourself and your organisation.?A leader must cope with circumstances that are intrinsically complex and uncertain. In order to create change,to motivate others to act and to exercise good judgement under pressure, you have to harness intellect, emotion and intuition.

By attending this Masterclass, you will encounter a holistic approach to leadership(Pregenerative Leadership model), as you are encouraged to see your role in the context of today’s ever changing, global environment. You will debate big issues – economic, political, technological and social – as you consider questions such as ‘what does this mean for my organisation?’ and ‘what does it mean for me as the leader?’?We aim to re-energise you as one who leads other leaders.

The Pregen Leadership Masterclass will encourage you to explore and experiment with the best ways for you to lead your organisation, in a dynamic world.? In order to create change, to motivate others to act and to exercise good judgment under pressure, you will develop your ability to harness intellect, emotion and intuition. Your sensitivity to the subtleties of human nature will be evolved, and you will gain a high degree of self-knowledge.


Phase1: Before the Training Week

The Pregen LDP process is driven by detailed, personal data on each person. Participants fill out several assessment surveys prior to attending the five-day face-to-face session. In addition, certain surveys require that evaluations be completed by the participant’s direct reports, peers, and superiors(360 Assessment). The surveys will be sent to you at least 5 weeks prior to your program date and you will be given a deadline for completion.

Phase 2: Face-to-Face – 5 Days

Leading from the Middle –

Explore the realities of managers leading managers. Reflect on and discuss the critical leadership skills required to lead from the middle of organizations with the Leading Managers 360 assessment. Participants receive detailed data on how others see them in their leadership roles.

Leading through Collaboration

Focus on how managers of managers work with and through their peers to coordinate and align the strategies of the organization. Think about how to more effectively communicate and influence peers when collaborating.

Leading within a System –

Focus on the middle manager’s responsibility for leading up, across, down, and outside the organization. Engage in a highly interactive experience that simulates the complexities and challenges of that environment. Work in small groups with a Pregen coach to assess the effectiveness of your leadership in this activity.

Integrating Multiple Perspectives –

Work one-to-one with a Pregen-certified executive coach for three hours to review and integrate assessment data and other sources of feedback received throughout the program. Set goals and identify strategies to implement them. Participate in a process of giving and receiving feedback with classmates.

Transferring the Learning?

Refine goals and plans to take learning back to your organization. Revisit the challenge of leading from the middle and consult with classmates and facilitators on your goals and specific plans of action.

Phase 3: Application

After the classroom experience, Pregen Coaches helps participants apply and sustain their development experience by providing:

Two 45 minute follow-on coaching sessions with a Coach.

®P regen Leadership Mentoring , a 3-month post-program assessment to measure skills and behavior progress.

eLearning provides you access to online training, publications and tools to continue your learning when you get back to work. eLearning topics are specifically designed to reinforce what you learned in your program.