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Upcoming Events:
Finance & Accounting for Non-Accounting Professionals "26/11/2019 / ₦210,000"
Facilities Management and Maintenance "24/09/2019 / ₦ 175,000"
Developing Core Skills for Administrators & Secrataries "17/09/2019 / ₦180,000"
Personal Workplace Productivity & Effectivenes "02/10/2019 / ₦175,000"


Lord Digby Jones of Birmingham is a hugely influential British Businessman and member of the UK House of Lords. He is a former Director of the CBI and Minister of State for Trade and Investment, travelling to over 31 countries vigorously promoting British Industry and commerce.

He is an advisor to numerous companies fulfilling his vision of promoting socially inclusive wealth creation. Lord Digby is also a well known Business media personality and broadcaster, as well as being a hugely in demand Speaker.