warehouse operations course

warehouse operations course- This training will familiarize you with Warehousing and Inventory Management standards in business. The demand of expertise and professional warehousing and Inventory Management personnel is increasing day-by-day, so what is your ranking today?

This intensive and practical warehouse and Inventory management training will help you stay in touch with the most important new concepts in the warehousing/Inventory field, allowing you to respond to the ever-changing operational demands created by an ever-expanding global market.

You will not only learn practical ways to improve equipment selection, warehouse layouts, Warehouse and Inventory control, put-away, packing, loading, picking, and receiving, but you will start immediately to identify ways to apply these ideas to your specific environment.

During the certification class, you will have the chance to develop your own action plan so you can put the seminar to work for you right away.

Within just a few weeks after this program, you should be able to identify ways you can reduce your Warehouse and Inventory by using the concepts, techniques, practices, and principles you will learn in this program

Who should attend the training?

  • Newly appointed as well as experienced supervisors
  • Plant, Warehouse and Inventory, and materials managers
  • Inventory and Physical distribution and other management personnel
  • Inventory and shipping supervisors
  • Managers, supervisors, and data processing personnel interested in increasing the efficiency of warehouse layouts, systems, and operations

Course Content

1. Introduction to Supply Chain Management

  • The Supply Chain Management perspective
  • How the process works for both Product and Service sectors
  • Pre Test
  • Being customer focused in the chain

2. Supply Chain Management

  • Actual process of the Supply Chain
  • Major functions of the Supply Chain
  • The Supply Chain Structure
  • Supply Chain and Demand Chain
  • Supply Chain underlying Principles- the 4Cs
  • Dealer Management
  • The Bullwhip Phenomenon

3. Warehousing/Inventory

  • Warehouse/Inventory Operations
  • Warehouse/Inventory Practices and Attributes
  • Types of warehousing
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Warehouse Management Strategies

4. Warehouse and Inventory Stakeholders Management for effective results

  • Elements of stakeholders Management
  • Stakeholders Analysis
  • Stakeholders Planning
  • Stakeholders Priotization techniques

5. Warehouse and Inventory Business process Management

  • Warehouse and Inventory Management Planning
  • Strategic Alignment for the Warehouse and Inventory Manager

6. Warehouse and Inventory Management detailing technique

  • The Work Structure of Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • Warehouse and Inventory Planning work conversion method
  • Implementation technique

7. Warehouse and Inventory Financial Management

  • Budget Forecasting
  • Budget development structuring
  • Warehouse and Inventory Master Budgeting
  • Warehouse and Inventory Financial Performance management

8. Warehouse and Inventory Management tools and techniques

  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Opposing view of Warehouse and Inventory
  • Nature of Warehouse and Inventory
  • Factors Affecting Warehouse and Inventory