Upcoming Events:
Finance & Accounting for Non-Accounting Professionals "26/11/2019 / ₦210,000"
Facilities Management and Maintenance "24/09/2019 / ₦ 175,000"
Developing Core Skills for Administrators & Secrataries "17/09/2019 / ₦180,000"
Personal Workplace Productivity & Effectivenes "02/10/2019 / ₦175,000"

Training Calendar in Nigeria

Training Calendar in Nigeria are quite unique to develop in meeting the learning needs of member of staffs, There are so many ways to create a training calendar and development strategy, and many of them encourage employees to take ownership of their development.
Take a look at our interactive training calendar to see how you can structure learning and development within your business. Where an HR team or group supervisor manages a training system, here the calendar would focus on compliance training or a strategy to minimize a skills gap.