team leadership training

team leadership training can be a strength in today’s business world, many team leaders will confess that, at times, a team can become a source of challenges, inefficiencies, and conflicts. Team leaders have the tremendous responsibility of balancing people issues with task issues and are often charged with working through a wide range of challenges.

Defining or refreshing a team’s direction or strategy.
Enhancing trust and improving communication within the team.
Managing team member differences, interpersonal issues, or ill feelings between team members.
Clearly defining mission critical processes or systems to enhance productivity.
Reducing silos and barriers across teams in the organization.
More effectively allocating resources and energy in order to focus on the right priorities and opportunities.
Building consensus and greater levels of ownership for decisions and plans.
Enhancing trust and improving communication within the team.
At the same time, team leaders must continue to identify and respond to opportunities to build on and enhance the team’s success.

With so many challenges, it takes a confident and skilled leader to ensure that a team stays productive and focused on the task at hand. For over 40 years, CMOE has assisted organizations with team leadership training and customized workshops that are specifically designed to help teams reach the next level of performance.

The Team-Leadership Training Experience
For most people, the skills needed to effectively lead teams do not come naturally. Leaders must continually learn, adapt, and improve upon their team-building skills in order to convert a disparate group of individuals into a high-performance team.

In CMOE’s Team-Leadership Training, participants learn to collaborate with one another and build team synergy to enhance team-member performance. Participants explore techniques used to gain team consensus, commitment, and vision. They learn to respect and leverage the wide range of skills, experience, knowledge, and expertise that each individual team member brings to the group.

Using adult learning principles and sound instructional design methods, our team-leadership training workshops provides learners with new team skills and help them enhance their existing skill sets. Learning methods include the use of

Experiential exercises and business simulations
Research-based models and frameworks
Tool kits to help leaders develop, manage, and maintain high levels of teamwork
Application and action plans that generate immediate results and benefit as well as sustainability for participants, their teams, and the organization
Do More with Your Team: Team Development Survey:
For teams and team leaders who are looking to achieve a breakthrough, The Team Development Survey provides participants with meaningful insights on and analysis of important aspects of the team environment. This instrument collects data from both the designated team leader and team members. This feedback and metrics lay the groundwork for a highly focused and personalized experience providing actionable data on where a team can take active measures and drive performance that matters.

A Program Designed Around You
Team leadership training can be delivered in a variety of formats, some of which include instructor-led seminars, retreats, and webinars. Because every organization is different, our goal is to provide a leadership development workshop or a training and development solution that is personalized to meet the unique and sometimes complex requirements of each leader, team, or organization. Our experience across all industries, coupled with more than 40 years of ongoing research, gives us the background necessary to design the customized experience that will best serve your team needs.