leadership and management courses

leadership and management courses will build your confidence and supply you with techniques that will make you a better leader!

From “what is my leadership style?” to helpful techniques for leading different personality types, we’ll walk you through an understanding of your current leadership style and how you can adapt to me a more confident, well-rounded leader.

Course Aims

In this leadership skills course we aim to provide you with a range of practical tools and ideas to lead your team effectively.

The course is useful if you are new to leadership or an existing leader looking for a skills refresh.

Course Objectives

By attending this Leadership Skills Training Course you will:

  • Know the difference between leadership and management and when to apply each function
  • Understand the wide range of skills you will need to possess to be an effective leader and manager
  • Know a range of leadership approaches and the situations each should be used in
  • Be able to get the team to a high performing standard in a shorter period as possible
  • Have built a clear development plan to develop the skills learnt in the workshop further.

Course Outline

What is Leadership?

  • Defining what is meant by leadership
  • The differences between leadership and management

Leadership Skills

  • What are the skills required to be an effective leader and manager?
  • Exploring why these skills are needed

A simple approach to leadership

  • Using a simple leadership model to understand how it’s done
  • Looking at a range of leadership approaches

Basic Leadership Skills

  • Questioning and Listening
  • Motivating and Inspiring the Team
  • Assertiveness
  • Influential Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence

Managing Performance

  • Dealing With Under-Performance
  • Setting SMART Goals and Objectives
  • Effective Performance Management Discussions
  • Performance and Development Planning

Decision Making and Problem Solving

  • Pro-actively Identifying Problems
  • Problem Solving Tools
  • How to Make Effective Decisions
  • Root cause analysis
  • The five-why process
  • The cause and effect diagram
  • The fishbone diagram
  • Pareto analysis
  • Decision making supplementary tools
  • Why-Why and how-how analysis
  • The decision analysis worksheet
  • The Kepner & Tregoe method for analyzing alternatives
  • The six thinking hats