Critical Thinking and Innovative Skills

Critical Thinking and Innovative Skills -Businesses today are experiencing revolutionary strides which have resulted in new methods of exceeding the expectations of stakeholders. How can we constantly evaluate the transformation and continue to re-engineer the processes to meet these increasing demands?

Critical and Innovative thinking skills clarifies goals, examines assumptions, discerns hidden values, evaluates evidence, accomplishes actions, and assesses conclusions. More than ever, we must be able to clearly reason through problems and present arguments in a logical, compelling way or even reasonably challenge “standard operating procedure” or workflow processes.

In this Four-day course, participants will be given practical tools and hands-on techniques to translate ideas into functional actions or deployable plans.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define and recognise the value of Critical and innovative Thinking
  • Identify Critical Thinking Archetypes
  • Define and apply the RED Model (WGII Critical Thinking Assessment Outcome)
  • Analyse issues in-depth and with precision using elements and standards of thought
  • Apply Critical and Innovative Thinking for problem-solving and idea generations at work

Course Outline:

Understanding Basics of Critical Thinking

  • Intuitive vs. Deliberate Thinking
  • Definition of Critical Thinking
  • Differentiation between Critical, Creative and Analytical Thinking
  • Brain analysis and ways of learning
  • Right brain, left brain thinking
  • Assessing your thinking style and how it influences the way you approach problem solving
  • Learning how to shift from right brain to left brain and increasing your ability to balance both sides of the brain

Significance of Critical Thinking

  • Strategic benefits and importance of Critical Thinking
  • Characteristics of Critical Thinkers (Archetypes)
  • Methods to collaborate with various archetypes at work

Cognitive Process of Processing Information

  • 7-Up Phase Thinking Model
  • Application of 7-Up Phase Thinking Model
  • Questioning techniques and short-circuiting thinking
  • Applying 7-Up Phase Thinking Model in role play

Assessment Framework for Critical Thinking

  • Defining RED Model
  • Reviewing and understanding assessment results
  • Significance of RED Model to Critical Thinking
  • Formulating and applying questions related to RED Model

Standards of Critical Thinking

  • Determine standards to manage effective Critical Thinking
  • Effective questions to manage use of standards
  • Applying standards in role play

Thinking and reasoning errors

  • Types of thinking and reasoning errors – Assumptions & Fallacies
  • Ways to overcome and apply appropriate response to reasoning errors

Critical Thinking Applications at Work

  • Identify and enhance suboptimal outcomes in daily activities
  • Enhance positive outcomes of  decision-making process with Critical Thinking
  • Ways to value-add and provide enablers, including resources for intervention
  • Action plan for improvement

Who Should Attend?

Newly appointed as well as experienced Managers, 
Operations managers, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Commercial Contracts Managers, Transportation Management professionals, Project Managers, Distribution Managers, Product Managers, Customer Service Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Customer Relationship Manager, Office Administrative Manager and other management personnel , Managers, supervisors, and data processing personnel interested in increasing the efficiency of branding, systems, and operations

Training Venue: Kristina Jade Learning Center (Remoik Training and Consulting) 70B, Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony, Lagos

Date: 19-21 October, 2021

Time: 10am to 4pm daily

Course Fee: N180,000

Corporate Account : Remoik Training and Consulting/ Access Bank; 1447259282

Critical Thinking and Innovative skills