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Upcoming Events:
Finance & Accounting for Non-Accounting Professionals "26/11/2019 / ₦210,000"
Facilities Management and Maintenance "24/09/2019 / ₦ 175,000"
Developing Core Skills for Administrators & Secrataries "17/09/2019 / ₦180,000"
Personal Workplace Productivity & Effectivenes "02/10/2019 / ₦175,000"

Power bi training

In-depth Power BI Training-increasing your business produtivityPower BI reporting application has been designed to help users, of all experiential levels, produce insightful data analysis – hence our interactive and highly engaging BI training course helps candidates across departments, communicate performance-related data in a visually understandable manner. The Microsoft Power BI tool allows you to extract, […]

Business analysis training course

Business Analysis Modelling and Forecasting Introduction In the globally competitive world of the 21st century business decision-makers face unprecedented levels of risk and uncertainty – to survive and flourish in this challenging environment organisations need the right tools with which to analyse problems and anticipate and manage the many opportunities and threats that may emerge. Traditional […]

Accounting training

Finance and for Non-Financial Managers Overview ———- No-one in business will succeed if they are not financially literate – and no business will succeed without financially-literate people. This is the ideal programme for managers and other professionals or specialist who don’t have a financial qualification or background but who nonetheless need a greater/better understanding of […]

Financial management training

Finance Data formulation and Accounting Statement Analysis (Basic to Advance) Please see below an outline for our course, which is available as an open or  in-house training course for your staff. The course will be tailored to your company needs. Introduction Knowing how to finance assets, forecast future cash flows, maintain a budget, determine which operations are […]

iso 31000 certification training

ISO: 31000 Certified Lead Risk Manager. All organizations face uncertainty in meeting their objectives. As a proven methodology, risk management is a systematic framework and process for maximizing those areas where outcomes can be controlled while minimizing those that cannot be predicted and over which control cannot be exercised. This course is based on understanding […]

Human resources management training

Advanced Competencies in Human Resource Management   Introduction Managing Human Resources is as old as mankind itself. From the days of Personnel Management to what HR has become today, the business has called for HR to be more engaging, more interfacing and less administrative, in order to create more value for the organisation and its […]

Safety management training

Health & Safety Management Introduction Safety Management has come under considerable scrutiny in the light of recent disasters. However, the concept of Safety Management Systems is usually limited to the systematic approach and not to the holistic (all aspect) approach. Safety Management must encompass both the hard and soft aspects of safety to produce an […]

Emotional intelligence training

Emotional Intelligence Introduction People with emotional excellence in the Oil and Gas sector are usually and exceptionally successful in life. This is because they make others feel good and get along with other people much more easily compared to those who are easily angered. Emotional excellence is characterized by the ability to understand and control […]

Office administration training

Administrative Functions and Office Management. It has now been established without any doubt whatsoever that lean Administrative chains and efficient Office systems lead directly to increased bottom line profits. Leading edge companies which successfully gain competitive advantage and which are able to implement immediate cost savings, are those which possess knowledgeable and skilful Administrative and […]

Leadership management training

Exceptional leadership skills training Introduction Self-mastery is not achieved by accident – it is a process that occurs as we interact effectively with the events and circumstances of our lives. Each moment of our lives provides an opportunity to practice self-mastery by expanding our visions, awakening the faculties of our minds and our hearts, and […]