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Digital Inventory Management

Digital Inventory Management

A digital inventory system is used by companies engaged in additive manufacturing (AM) to store and validate 3D models, specifications, and production requirements for digital inventory items. The system simplifies the process of 3D inventory ordering and helps ensure consistent quality of storage via:

  • Production information accompanying each digital inventory item and shared across geographically dispersed manufacturing facilities.
  • Re-ordering of successful inventory stocks.

Learning objectives are;

  • Manual/automated uploading of 3D models + their specifications and recommended production requirements (materials, technologies, post-processing procedures, etc.).
  • 3D model viewer.
  • Automated validation of digital inventory items for printing (checking critical parameters: a model’s density, walls thickness, orientation, etc.).
  • Integrated team collaboration tools (e.g., to work on 3D models, their specifications and production requirements).
  • Cataloging of digital inventory items with a powerful search engine (filtering and metadata querying).

Who should attend the training?

  • Newly appointed as well as experienced supervisors
  • Plant, Warehouse and Inventory, and materials managers
  • Inventory and Physical distribution and other management personnel
  • Inventory and shipping supervisors
  • Managers, supervisors, and data processing personnel interested in increasing the efficiency of warehouse layouts, systems, and operations

Course Content


  • Digital Inventory
  • What is digital inventory?
  • Digital inventory management benefits & best practices
  • Top 6 digital inventory management systems
  • From traditional to digital inventory management

Inventory Control

  • What is inventory control?
  • Inventory control methods and best practices
  • Inventory control challenges
  • Inventory control systems

Inventory Forecasting

  • What is inventory forecasting?
  • 5 benefits of accurate inventory forecasting
  • 4 inventory forecasting methods for demand planning
  • How to forecast inventory in 4 steps
  • Tools for inventory forecasting
  • How ShipBob can help with inventory forecasting


Inventory Management Software

  • What is inventory management software?
  • What to look for in inventory management software
  • Top 7 inventory management software
  • Why use a 3PL for inventory management?

Inventory Optimization

  • What is inventory optimization?
  • Inventory optimization techniques
  • Inventory Tracking
  • What is inventory tracking?
  • Inventory tracking system
  • Benefits of inventory tracking
  • Inventory tracking methods and solutions
  • 3 ways ShipBob can improve your inventory tracking


Inventory classification and record accuracy

  • Types of inventories
  • The ABC classification
  • Uses of the ABC classification
  • Inventory record accuracy
  • Reasons for poor accuracy
  • Periodic and cycle counting
  • Systems and methodology of counting


Digital and material handling systems

  • Layout of the warehouse/Store
  • Size and shape of the Store
  • Storage utilization and organization
  • Types of storage systems
  • Fixed versus random location
  • Material handling equipment
  • Material handling equipment checklist
  • improving the receiving/issuing material operations


Inventory visibility Management

  • What is inventory tracking?
  • Inventory tracking system
  • Benefits of inventory tracking
  • Inventory tracking methods and solutions
  • 3 ways ShipBob can improve your inventory tracking
  • Selective Inventory Control
  • Reorder Quantity Methods and EOQ
  • Reorder Time Methods
  • Stock valuation, planning and control
  • Effective and accurate balancing of stock

Lot tracking to Electronic Stores Systems

  • What is lot tracking?
  • Which products need lot tracking numbers?
  • Inventory lot tracking best practices

 5 (Five) days  

Course Fee: N350,000

REMOIK NIG LTD Corporate account details: GT Bank- REMOIK NIG LTD/0137660925

Date: 14-16 September. 2021

Venue: 70B, Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony, Lagos

Time: 10am to 4pm daily

Course Methodology: Practical Exposition + Pre/Post-training Assessment + Case Studies + Training Materials + Digital Inventory Management Professional Templates + Training Certificate will be provided with Souvenirs




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