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SAP MM certification

SAP MM CERTIFICATION EXAM is a fundamental module of the SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) system that manages the complete material supply chain and inventory management processes of an organization. 

The SAP MM training provides you insight into various procurement and goods movement processes in an organization that aims in optimizing, increase productivity and reduce cost while providing flexibility to accommodate changes.

This training takes you through the following:

1. Organization Structure

2. Procurement Process

3. Invoice and Integration with Finance

4. Consumption-Based Planning

5. MRP Planning Run

6. Consumption-Based Planning

7. Optimized Purchasing

8. Document Release Procedure


The SAP MM course content is aligned to the SAP Certified Application Associate – Procurement with SAP ERP 6.0 certification exam.


Understand and implement procurement handling and inventory management skills learned in your project under the supervision of the lead.

SAP MM Course Outline

SAP Overview and MM overview

  • Introduction of SAP
  • SAP Landscape and System Architecture
  • Material Management overview
  • Key lights on SAP MM and its function

Organization Structure

  • Defining Processes and Organizational Levels in Procurement
  • Assignment of Organization element to Purchasing organization and plant

Master Data

  • Maintaining Material Master Records
  • Maintaining Vendor Master Records
  • Using Entry Aids for Master Data Maintenance
  • Performing Mass Maintenance

 Purchase Info Record and Source List

  • Procurement Process(P2P)
  • Procure to Pay (P2P) Scene…
  • Purchase Requisition(PR)

Purchase document type and Its Number range Sequence Creating Purchase Orders with Reference

 Maintaining Purchasing Info Records

  • Request for Quotation(RFQ)
  • Purchase Order and Its Reference
  • Entering Invoices with Reference to Purchase Orders
  • Other Procurement Process along with Special Procurement
  • Automatic Purchase Order
  • Third Party Procurement
  • Consignment Procurement Process
  • Pipeline – Procurement process

 Sub- Contracting process

  • Blanket Purchase Order
  • Returnable Transport Packaging
  • Nonstock Procurement

 Direct Consumption Procurement

  • Purchasing with Manufacturer Part Numbers
  • External Services Procurement
  • Maintaining Master Data for External Services
  • Ordering Services
  • Creating Service Entries and Verifying Invoices
  • Invoice and Integration with Finance
  • Vendor Invoicing
  • Delivery Cost
  • Park and Hold invoice
  • Subsequent Debit & Sub Credit
  • Credit Memo
  • Evaluated Receipt Settlement
  • Non valuated Materials
  • Consumption-Based Planning

 Describing the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Process

  • Defining MRP Procedures
  • Maintaining the Material Master
  • Setting Up a Reorder Point Planning
  • MRP Planning Run
  • Describing the Planning Run
  • Executing a Planning Run
  • Converting Planning Results
  • Evaluating the Planning Results
  • Calculating Lot Sizes

Sources of Supply and Conditions

  • Analyzing Price Determination Basics
  • Creating Purchasing Info Records
  • Creating Special Info Records
  • Source Determination

 Controlling Source Determination with Source Lists

  • Maintaining Source Lists
  • Controlling Source Determination with Quota Arrangements
  • Executing the Planning Run with Quota Arrangements
  • Identifying Additional Aspects of Source Determination
  • Blocking Sources of Supply
  • Creating Purchase Orders with Source Determination
  • Optimized Purchasing
  • Processing Unassigned Purchase Requisitions
  • Processing Assigned Purchase Requisitions

 Monitoring Purchase Orders

  • Assessing the Buyer Role
  • Document Release Procedure
  • Releasing Purchasing Documents
  • Converting Released Purchase Requisitions
  • Configuring Release Procedures in Customizing
  • Creating Release Procedures
  • Pricing Procedure & Invoice Verification
  • Split Valuation
  • Account determination
  • Pricing Procedure

 Automated Process in Invoice verification

 GR/IR Account Maintenance

Introduction to Inventory Management

  • Movement Types and Inventory Management
  • Goods Receipts (GRs)
  • Goods Receipt against Purchase Order
  • Goods receipt without a Purchase order
  • Goods Receipt with Others
  • Material Document cancellation Process
  • Stock Transfers and Transfer Postings
  • Plant Plant Stock transfer
  • Intercompany Stock Transfer
  • Stock transfer from material code to another Material Code Transfer
  • Storage Location to another location(SLOC)

 Quality Material Document Posting

  • Reservations
  • Creation of Reservation
  • Automatic Reservation
  • Goods Issues (GIs)
  • Goods issue against Process order
  • Goods Issue against Cost Center
  • Special Forms of Procurement and Special Stocks
  • Special Stock with WBS Element

Physical Inventory

  • Periodic Inventory
  • Continuous Inventory
  • Cycle Counting
  • Inventory Sampling

Analyses in Inventory Management

Batch Management and Traceability

Customizing for Inventory Management

Register for the SAP MM certification exam class coming up this February 2020– 24th-29th.

The course fee is N180,000. This course is to last for 6 complete full days

Contact; 08066559530 email; [email protected]

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