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Best Customer relationship management Training

Customer relationship management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management is fundamental to the success of every business.  The ability to understand and anticipate the wants and needs of your online customers and then supply them with food products and services at a profit is a crucial skill for every Marketing/Logistics members of staff and Customer Service leader. 

In this interactive 3 day course you will discover how to set a Customer Relationship Management strategy, understand what goes into making a product successful and be able to talk in commercial terms.

Programme Objectives

  • To provide concise, comprehensive coverage of Customer Relationship strategies and techniques which have been proven to work in established organizations (large and small)
  • To grasp and practice the essential skills in the areas of:
  • Strategic Customer Relationship planning
  • Customer Profiling and Product development
  • Pricing strategies
  • Promotional strategies
  • To give Customer Relationship Management personnel exposure to best practice when developing strategies to launch and promote products and services
  • To ensure that attendees are abreast of the latest thinking in business

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Speak and confidently execute Customer Relationship strategies
  • Represent yourself and your organization well when interacting with related agencies, Clients and suppliers
  • Identify the most appropriate strategies and tactics for each product or service in your organization’s product range

Who Should Attend?

  • All Customer service professionals who would like to develop their strategic planning capabilities
  • Anyone who would like to understand the principles behind creating successful products and services in respect to growing their customer base
  • Marketers and Customer Service Professionals who want to influence at a more senior level and/or secure budget for their planned activities
  • Those in a sales role who wish to move into a sales and marketing management position
  • Non business professionals who need a wider understanding of marketing/Customer Service and strategic planning

Customer relationship management Training Methodology

  • A combination of lectures and practical exercises
  • Pair and group work to develop the skills learned on the course

Customer relationship management Course Content

Day 1

The analysis framework of your business

Gathering business needs at the organizational or departmental levels

  • Performing Customer needs-analysis
  • Choosing the best elicitation technique for customers
  • Soliciting enterprise-level contextual analysis for customers


Identifying the nine elicitation techniques involved in your customer relationship management

  • Verifying the necessary steps to gather customer information
  • Recording and confirming elicitation results from customer profiling

Conducting Enterprise Analysis (Analyzing the business landscape from the customers’ view)

  • Categorizing and prioritizing business needs and issues using affinity diagrams
  • Assessing and evaluating business capabilities in line with customer relationship gaps

Detecting customers’ problems and finding opportunities

  • Exposing root causes of customer relationship problems
  • Finding opportunities for customer relationship growth
  • Identifying elements of the initial solution scope
  • Developing action-oriented business initiatives to address customer needs and opportunities Measuring the feasibility of options

Strategic Customer relationship management Planning for successful sales

  • Customer service defined
  • Role of Customer Service in the Organization
  • Vision and Mission from a customer perspective
  • Alignment with the company’s aims and objectives
  • The customer service process
  • The 7 Ps of customer relationship
  • Customer Strategies vs. Customer Tactics

Day 2

Developing a Customer-Led Approach to business

  • Market research and gathering customer market intelligence
  • Getting inside the mind of the customer
  • Developing a USP that matters to the customer
  • Understanding trends and anticipating customer wants and needs
  • Market Segmentation and Positioning
  • Strategies for marketing to consumers, organizations and resellers

Expanding the Customer Mix for an excellent relationship:


  • Selecting the right channels to reach out to customers
  • Selling directly to consumers
  • Strategic Usage of the internet to grow customer relationships for your products and service


  • ‘Customers are our greatest asset’ – why people are included
  • Using your staff to convey the company brand values
  • How Marketing relates to Customer Relationship


  • Taking a marketing-led approach to internal customer processes and systems
  • Making your process your USP
  • The four major perspectives on Customer relationship Management
  • A definition of Relationship Management
  • The six constituencies having an interest in Relationship Management
  • How important Customer relationship Management issues vary across industries
  • Five generic models of Customer Relationship Management
  • Attributes of successful Customer relationships
  • The meaning and importance of customer lifetime value
  • The five different schools of thought that contribute to our understanding of relationships and Customer management

Day 3

  • The five major phases in CRM implementation
  • Tools and processes for online customer Management phase implementation
  • Project and change management throughout the online implementation process
  • Central role of online customer-related databases
  • Online Relationship Management performance
  • Developing and Sustaining a customer-relationship database
  • Customers portfolio Management/Tracking Systems
  • Customer management strategies across a customer portfolio
  • Definition of online grocery customer experience
  • Key concepts in customer experience management
  • Understanding online customer experience Methodologies
  • Four features of Online Relationship Management applications that have an impact on customer buying experience.
   3 (three) days
   Lectures  Discussions  Individual and group exercises  Case studies  Activities  Post- Course Assessments  Pre-Course Assessments  Games and educational competitions  Professional videos & Audio presentations  

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