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16 Customer service skills of great customer service agents

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. The perception of success of such interactions is dependent on employees “who can adjust themselves to the personality of the guest”. Customer service concerns the priority an organization assigns to customer service relative to components such as product innovation and pricing. In this sense, an organization […]

Procurement meaning for procurement officer

Procurement courses in Nigeria for Procurement specialist jobs in Lagos Procurement and Supply Chain Management standards in business. The demand of expertise and professional Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Management personnel is increasing day-by-day, so what is your ranking today? It has now been established without any doubt whatsoever that lean supply chains and efficient […]

Negotiation training course

Bargaining and Negotiation workshop Bargaining and Negotiation workshop COURSE DESCRIPTION To provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently negotiate company deals with regards to purchasing or procuring goods or/and service functions for best and most economically advantageous proposals. This course is a highly practical, vocational, “how-to” programme based around real-world tools, […]

KPI setting and goal performance management training course

Goal and Key Performance(KPI) Setting- March [email protected] N150,000 Goal and Key Performance Indicator setting This training course enables you to implement or upgrade measurement systems in your department or organization. The training course links activity with strategy through success factors and performance measures. The training course clarifies the differences and connections between critical success factors […]

Leadership training course

Maximizing your leadership effectiveness MAXIMIZING YOUR LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS Introduction This High Impact Leadership Effectiveness training course has been specifically designed with vital information to develop effective leaders who will contribute positively to their organizations. An effective leader is able to build relationships and communicate with others. In this REMOIK training course, participants will learn about self-discovery, […]

Corporate governance training course

Corporate Governance- March [email protected],000 EFFECTIVE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Introduction Corporate governance is a key topic that has recently started attracting more attention in business schools and among legislatures, with this trend only increasing. While there are different models for corporate governance, all of them aim at organizing the relation between company and stakeholders. Governance models start with Shareholder […]

Customer service excellence training course

Delivering Service Excellence to customers Customer Service Excellence (Providing clients with Quality Services) Introduction This Excellence in Customer Service training course is designed to give participants the communication skills, negotiation strategies, and customer service best practices they require to take their organization from good to great.  This Customer Service training is aimed at those organizations […]

Effective Business writing training course

business writing Managers seeking new staff consistently nominate the ability to communicate as an essential skill. In this interactive and practical course, you will learn how to construct efficient and effective communications that get results. Most people write emails or letters on a daily basis as well as occasional reports, meeting summaries, minutes or other […]

Assertiveness skills training course

Communicating with self confidence and Assertiveness- [email protected] N150,000 Communicating with self-confidence & Assertiveness Those who communicate with assertiveness, rather than passivity or aggression, are more likely to maintain positive workplace relationships while meeting their goals. Through video demonstrations, role-playing activities, journaling, and practical workshops, this training course will help you leverage proven techniques to become […]

Ways a Vendor management Can Provide ROI

A company outsources services to a vendor in the hopes that the vendor can perform the duties cheaper, better and/or more efficient than the company could, thus saving the company money in the long-run. While using vendors is often the desirable way to go, you have to manage the relationship and hold the vendor accountable […]